R Kits and Kats

Ragdoll Kittens and Cats Central Ohio


We are located in Utica, Ohio.  Our Cats and Kittens are loved and handled daily by our family.  Xena is our Ragdoll that started our passion for this breed she is now retired and a family pet.  We added Hamilton to our family and we then felt that we had the qualities and the bloodlines that we wanted to bring to our breeding program.  Over the years we added several Ragdolls to our family and several have since been retired and many are still our family pets. 

Currently Leela and Suzie Q are our queens.  Our kings are currently Diablo, Desmond and Zep.  We will only have one or two litters a year.  We are a registered cattery and are members of TICA.  

Don?t be surprised if your kitten is a very spoiled baby. 

Among our other pets we also have three long haired dachshunds and a domestic cat.  

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R Kits and Kats